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Hill17 06-13-2018 08:06 AM

Hi new to the forum. Just recent I bought a 07 kxf 450 and seem to be having a few issues. Iím hoping the brains on this forum could give me some advice and guidance if possible. First issue Iím having is the bike seems to be reving up really high when the clutch is pulled in. But when the clutch is released it sounds pretty much normal. Had only been out on the bike 15 mins before having to go home because of this and it seeming pretty overheated. The second issue Iím having is a overheating problem. I kicked the bike up and left it a few mins to tick over whilst I got my boots on etc. Only to come back to the right radiator on fire. Luckily enough I caught it before it hit the fuel. It only melted the radiator cover at the front from what I can see. I topped coolant up before this so Iím really unsure as to why the bikes hitting such high temperatures so quickly.

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