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Old 06-13-2018, 04:23 PM
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Default Advice for new rider

Hi Everyone,
I just got a 2018 klx 250 camo. I fell in love with this bike at first sight. I have been stalling alot. I am 5'5 and 115lbs so the bike is very tall for me. On my tip toes. This is my first bike. I really want to learn how to work on it myself and do mods myself. Any advice on videos to watch or mods that may help. Basically where to start. Thank you
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I seems we are about to learn that adding an FMF header and slipon, DynoJet PCFC, and pulling off the airbox lid, creates a whole new bike performance-wise..
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suspension, protection, and gearing id say
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If you are stalling a lot, you need to work on your clutch control. As a general rule, you should always have one or two fingers on the clutch ready to engage it if you need to. The only time I don't have any fingers on the clutch, is when I expect to get air in which case I prefer to have a complete grip around the bar. If you are finding the seat height too high, you can get the rear suspension adjusted (I might look into getting mine raised actually) and the forks moved up slightly in the triple clamps to help.

Youtube has a lot of videos and if you are stalling a lot I would start by searching for "clutch control" videos or something similar. Depending on where you live, your government might provide some decent reading material. The free motor vehicle booklets where I live are actually pretty good and are in full color. It's more about safety and laws rather than technique though.

For working on the bike yourself, I would start with basic maintenance stuff. If you search google, you can find a service manual in .pdf format for the KLX250s. Not sure on the exact year the manual is for but there is one that is for an EFI bike that I would download. Not much has changed between the years anyways. Go over the periodic maintenance chapter and you will learn a lot of the basics. Then for mods, I would start with the stuff Klxster mentioned and maybe down the road when your riding skill has increased consider getting the 351cc big bore kit.
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I'd recommend a few things -
  • put in the state or country where you live in your settings so someone might have a clue where you are talking about when you get into working with the bike. There is a difference in what may be needed, especially when it comes to any performance work when it comes to location. It's a waste of time to tell a European about some U.S. suspension specialist or vice versa.
  • Take a rider course to learn riding basics. It is far better to make mistakes in a safe school setting than out on the road where there are other moving vehicles, some with impatient or distracted drivers. Some states provide rider ed courses for low cost or free. Well worth looking in to. Otherwise it is likely worth every penny to take a riding school regardless of cost.
  • Ride off road in a field to start. I don't mean to go off and bash around trails, I mean get in a nice open area, take your bike to some open field if possible, dirt is far more forgiving than pavement if you fall or drop the bike. Make sure it is dry and smooth enough with no holes, ditches or junk to cause problems riding across it. You don't really want a grassy yard, the grass is usually fairly slippery, just an open field mowed short or a dirt lot. You can make mistakes with the clutch and throttle and get away with it more in dirt plus the run out space that should be there. Skills develop easier, because there is more "give" in the surfaces. Plus it's fun if you get the right place. Then advance to parking lot practice with the starts and stops.
Those are my thoughts and what I'd want my daughter to do. She's talking about riding.and I want her to do the state rider ed program, plus play in an open lot.

For initial bike work consider backing off the rear shock preload and sliding the fork tubes up in the triple clamp to lower the bike for more sure footing to start. You should be able to drop the bike an inch or so, just make sure the side stand doesn't hold the bike too upright to the point of tipping over. You will likely want to go back to stock set up eventually when you develop confidence with footing, and adjust for proper suspension settings after learning.

As for all the mechanical stuff beyond that, wait until you've played a bit and riding with more confidence, then start goofing around. Most wait for off season for any sort of major changes.

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+1 on all the above... practice, practice, practice in a field until the controls are 2nd nature (before heading to the street). I know there are lowering links available for pretty cheap. To me, it doesn't sound like you have the skill level yet to take advantage of many of the mods, so focus on the maintenance basics (chain, oil, tires, etc.) and getting some miles under your belt. There is a digital copy of the shop manual floating around (probably for the '09, but 95%+ of it will apply to the '18), and youtube has plenty of generic info that applies to all bikes.

Also... go back 2 or 3 years in this forum and just start reading..... TONS of information on everything you ever wanted to know about the KLX.

Good luck, have fun... KLX250S is a fantastic 'everyday' motorcycle!
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